PHP Type Conversion

PHP Type Comparison Tables

Comparisons of $x with PHP functions Expression gettype() empty() is_null() isset() boolean : if($x) $x = “”; string TRUE FALSE TRUE FALSE $x = null; NULL TRUE TRUE FALSE FALSE var $x; NULL TRUE TRUE FALSE FALSE $x is undefined NULL TRUE TRUE FALSE FALSE $x = array(); array TRUE FALSE TRUE FALSE $x = array(‘a’, ‘b’); array FALSE FALSE […]

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How to use Quick Mask Mode in Photoshop

Quick Mask Mode can be used as a standalone tool, or it can also be used as a complementary tool with other selection tools inside photoshop. A quick mask option in photoshop allows us to select certain portions of the image with the help of the brush tool. Before using it, you have to press […]

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How to remove background in Photoshop

One of the important concepts in photoshop is to remove background in photoshop from an image. The process is actually quite simple if the image has a single solid color as its background but it becomes a mess sometimes if the image contains the background of multiple colors. So now if we want to remove […]

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