Advanced Excel Training in Jalandhar

advanced excel training
  • Instructor: webdox
  • Lectures: 37
  • Duration: 10 weeks

An Advanced Excel Training certification may be a powerful tool you’ll leverage to offer your career another edge. If you’re already an Excel user and need to advance your expertise, this educational program will assist you to gain prowess in diverse functions and become an appropriate candidate for top-notch recruiters across the planetadditionally, to a comprehensive curriculum, the course encompasses live videos, practical assignments, real-time case study analysis and hands-on experience to assist acquire knowledge in industry-leading best practices. At Webdox Infotech & Computer Institute offers advanced Excel Training in Jalandhar and this training is specially designed for beginners students and experts professional.

What is Advanced Excel?

This Advanced Excel Training is meant for executives who are already conversant in the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel, and who would really like to figure with more advanced features of Microsoft Excel that help in improving their efficiency of working with worksheets, analyzing data, creating MIS reports, and automating various tasks. Executives and managers who have already been using Microsoft Excel, but now feel the necessity for learning more powerful features and options of Excel, to manage their worksheet-related tasks more efficiently.

Microsoft Excel is the most demanding skillset across job roles in various sectors and specializations. This Course helps a pivotal role in consulting and analytics, covering diverse functionalities to effectively perform mathematical, financial, and statistical calculations like DSUM, Pivot Table Pivot Chart, DCOUNT, Macros, Functions, and Formulas. It aids in efficient processing and analysis, facilitating key decision-making across diverse business processes. Advanced MS Excel Training will help build a career opportunity in Equity Research, Investment Banking, Data Entry, Corporate Development, Private Equity, Financial Planning & Analysis, and other fields. The course is meant for advanced MS Excel users already having expertise in financial modeling and financial analysis, or considering prepping up for a growing career.

Scope of Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Excel training is helpful for professional investment bankers, financial analysts, business intelligence consultants, and personal equity analysts who want to upskill and take their career to the subsequent level. The course may be additionally designed for everyone who has a basic Excel knowledge and is keen to advance their mastery beforehand modules of this program. According to a survey, the average salary of a Data Analyst with Microsoft Excel Skills Salary in India is ₹389,505.

Job Opportunity

The Job Prospects of  Advanced MS Excel professionals are growing at a rapid pace because a variety of companies today requires expertise within the field of analytics. and therefore, the job prospect is superb and also good salary packages. Advanced Excel training can help in:-

  • Market research analysts
  • digital marketers
  • Big Data Solution
  • Project managers or coordinators
  • MIS Executive
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Big Data Engineer

Advanced Excel Training in Jalandhar

Webdox infotech & Computer Institute provides an Advanced Excel Training in Jalandhar at affordable prices by our certified Professional. In this course, we will cover basic Excel, Macros VBA and etc in briefly and practically.

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Course Details

Course Name Advanced Excel
Duration 1 Month
Course Timing Morning & Evening.
Topic Basic Excel, Macros VBA and etc.

Contact: 9872118234

  • Basic Introduction 0/3

  • Working with Functions 0/8

  • Data Validations 0/3

  • Working with Templates 0/2

  • Working with Reports 0/6

  • More Functions 0/4

  • Macros 0/2

  • Charts 0/4

  • WhatIf Analysi 0/3

  • New Features Of Excel 0/2

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