iOS App Development Training in Jalandhar

iOS app development in jalandha
  • Instructor: webdox
  • Lectures: 85
  • Duration: 10 weeks
The iOS mobile OS continually pushes the boundaries of the latest technology to redefine what is often achieved on a mobile device. The stylishly functional user experience of iOS takes maximum advantage of the functionalities of iPhone, iPad, and iPod capacitive touch hardware. Developers have numerous chances to expand their skills by developing interesting and innovative apps that run on iOS. With the growing popularity of iPhones, iPods, and iPods and therefore the appetite for brand spanking new apps, we will expect a gentle demand for iOS developers who can work some magic when it involves developing apps. We at Webdox Infotech & Computer Institute will help students find the iOS App Development Training in Jalandhar alongside answering all of your questions related to iOS App Development.

What is iOS App Development?

You will start this course by basic iOS App Development concepts and learn with

  • Build your own app for iPhones and iPads with the iOS 8 SDK.
  • Develop debugging and deploying applications by using the Xcode six tool.0
  • Learn how to integrate with animations, audio, and video.

You’ll learn the flow of the processes that are involved in an iOS App Development during mobile software development course practical lectures then you’ll become conversant in iOS Development tools and interface. In this manner, you’ll build simple apps that you simply can share together with your friends with the varied mobile development courses.

Scope of iOS App Development

iOS development features a bright future, as iOS is that the most preferred platform where most of the Internet of Things (IoT) get complete compatibility and support. IOS is that the modern-day lifesaver. It makes our life such a lot easier with the assistance of just 1 click on our cell phones. IOS apps have the most important demand within the IT industry. There are only a few IOS application developers within the world. iOS apps are made in objective C and  Swift. On the opposite hand, the tutorials on the way to make ios applications are rather very confusing. So just to form it simpler for you, we offer a  practical-only training course on making the IOS app.

Job prospects for iOS App Development

iOS Mobile developers are among the highest 10 most in-demand and hardest to fill tech jobs, consistent with data from Indeed. According to Survey and Statistics predicts that iOS application developer jobs will grow 31% between 2016 and 2026. According to Indeed, a well-liked job portal, the typical salary for iOS professionals is 68% above the typical salary for other job postings. Career Path of iOS Developer is growing some of the job profile is given bellow

  • Mobile Software Engineer
  • Mobile Architect
  • Senior iOS Engineer
  • iOS Mobile Developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • iOS Engineer
  • Lead iOS Engineer
  • Mobile App Developer


For iOS App Development anyone can learn iOS Development without any prior knowledge. We will teach you from starting to advanced levels where you will become an advanced iOS developer.

iOS App Development Training in Jalandhar

Webdox infotech & Computer Institute provides an iOS App Development Training in Jalandhar by Certified Professional.  In this course, we will cover Swift Programming, Xcode, etc in briefly and practically.

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Course Details

Course Name iOS App Development
Duration 3 MONTH
Course Timing Morning & Evening.
Topic Swift Programming, Xcode, etc

Contact: 9872118234

  • Understanding Swift 0/8

  • Getting Started with Swift 0/7

  • iOS Development Basics 0/18

  • Storyboard Controllers and Layouts 0/9

  • TableView, CollectionView & Various View Controllers 0/12

  • Universal App, Size Classes & Camera 0/4

  • Animation, Location, Maps & Social Sharing 0/7

  • JSON Handling, Network Operation & Image Caching 0/7

  • Data Persistence and Storage 0/9

  • CloudKit, Parse and Submitting Apps to App Store 0/4

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