Unity Game Development Course in Jalandhar

Unity game development course
  • Instructor: webdox
  • Lectures: 51
  • Duration: 12 weeks

The gaming industry is high on demand during this era, as its prospects are increasing at lightning speed. thanks to high demand, every minute of clock results in a replacement game within the market. the recognition of the gaming industry offers various roles within the organization like Game Developers, Game Designers, Script Writers, Audio Engineers, Game Tester, etc. Our latest range of Unity Game Development Course provides on hottest technologies including Unreal Game Engine, Unity, and lots of more to create advanced games quickly.

What is Unity Game Development?

With knowledge of the Unity3D game engine and your creativity, anything is possible. In this course you’ll learn from the best– Nicholas is not only a professor but a game developer who worked on some of Electronic Arts’ biggest sports games titles. You’ll go step by step through the Unity environment, learning each tool You’ll learn how to integrate outside assets, sound, animation, game physics, and much more. You’ll be able to play the games you create immediately right in the web browser.

What you will learn.

Game development may be a challenging and rewarding experience, so to form it easier, we’ve created Swords and Shovels to organize you for the journey ahead. Unity has such a lot to supply game developers today, all you’ve got to try to to is a harness that power. This Unity provides skill path will teach you the essential tools and skills wont to create fantastic games in Unity.

  • Learning the Unity Interface
  • C# Scripting in Unity
  • Unity Animation Workflows
  • Unity Physics Simulations
  • AI Pathfinding
  • Material Creation Workflows
  • Lighting and Light Baking Techniques
  • Audio


  1. The Unity graphics engines use OpenGL, Direct3D, OpenGL ES for the mobile platforms (iOS, Android), and various APIs. there’s also the support of reflection, parallax, and bump mapping. It provides features that use shadow maps for dynamic shadows. Various file formats of various software are supported. as an example, Adobe Photoshop, Blender, and 3ds Max are supported.
  2. Unity has a server- control solution for developer scripts and game assets. It uses PostgreSQL as a backend system for audio and therefore the Theora Codec for video playback. It also features a terrain and vegetation engine built-in global illumination and lightweight mapping and built-in pathfinding meshes.
  3. Unity engine provides built-in support for the PhysX physics engine with real-time cloth simulation on skinned meshes, collision layers, and thick ray casts.


For Unity Game Development anyone can learn without any prior knowledge. We will teach you from starting to advanced levels where you will become an advanced Unity developer.

Scope of Unity Game Development

According to PayScale, a unity developer salary is estimated at $81,498 per annum on the average. Developers earn a minimum of $40,851 and a maximum of $118,417 per annum around the world.

Unity Game Development Course in Jalandhar

Webdox infotech & Computer Institute provides a Unity Game Development Course in Jalandhar by Certified Professional.  In this course, we will learn to build a game with C#, Unity Game Engine and etc in brief with live practical.

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Course Details

Course Name Game Development With Unity
Duration 3 MONTH
Course Timing Morning & Evening.
Topic C# Basics, Unity Game engine, etc

Contact: 9872118234

  • Introduction 0/3

  • C# Programming 0/6

  • Unity Game engine 0/10

  • Creating Calculator 0/4

  • Creating 2D Slidescroller 0/8

  • Creating Space Invaders Game 0/14

  • 3D Game Development 0/6

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